Matthew Topel

Eighth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Topel earned his undergraduate degree in Education from Concordia University - Ann Arbor MI.  He is working on his Master in Educational Development through Michigan State University - Lansing MI.  As the eighth grade homeroom teacher of our school, he likes to play sports and several musical instruments, including the trumpet, guitar, and piano.  Mr. Topel also teaches our departmentalized Upper Grade Math and Science classes, as well as directs our spring musical and drama shows.

  • "Mr. Topel is a very fun, cheerful, entertaining teacher!  He really "gets into" the topic that he is teaching and makes sure that the kids understand before he moves on to the next topic.  He cares for all of his students and makes sure that everything is okay with them. He does a lot of labs and fun activities, so the class is always involved." ~ Kevin Schrupp, Class of 2014
  • "Mr. Topel has a gift for teaching, especially in the area of math, where his calm, empathetic, and patient demeanor help him to be extremely effective and understood.  Mr. Topel is very committed to his students and passionate for them to grow and learn individually, as well as a cohesive class, and continues to stay connected with students after they graduate.  Mr. Topel is a man with a genuine love for the Lord and a blessing to St. Matthew." ~ Mrs. Deb Abdou

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