Wendy Scheiwe

Fourth Grade Teacher

Miss Scheiwe earned her undergraduate degree in Education from Concordia University - Chicago IL.  As the fourth grade teacher of our school, she appreciates scrapbooking, camping, and traveling. Miss Scheiwe is also one of our girls basketball coaches.

  • "Miss Scheiwe is very nice.  She is also good at explaining things when you don't get something like a math problem.  She also does fun projects in her class like a habitat diorama in science and a state report in social studies.  She is the BEST!!!" ~ Meredith Gursin, Grade 4
  • "Miss Scheiwe is a remarkable teacher.  She is very engaging and enthusiastic with her students.  She allows her students to self-govern.  Miss Scheiwe's passion for her students is best exhibited by how she instills the importance of others' feelings and guides her students in their growing relationship with God." ~ Mrs. Lisa Wolstone

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