"For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Have you ever experienced that eerie feeling that someone may have been in your home while you were not there? Maybe as you walked in, you noticed there was something out of place, or you found something on your counter that was not there when you left, or perhaps you noticed that something was missing?

When my middle son was in the fifth grade, he failed his vision test, and we learned that he needed glasses. As he was learning how to manage this new responsibility of having glasses, every time that he could not locate them, he would profess that someone was breaking into our house and stealing his glasses. He would be adamant that he left them on his dresser and when they weren’t there, he would vow that we must have been robbed…only to find them later in the basement next to his PlayStation. And yes, he would defend his stance by saying the robbers must have felt guilty, so they returned to our house and put them there! However, as his parents, we were 100% certain that no robbery had transpired!

On the contrary, when my husband’s sister called him a few weeks ago and stated, “Kenny, I think someone is coming into my house while I am at work!”, we took that statement very seriously!

She stated that on the first day that she noticed something was off, she returned from work to find the blankets that are usually folded and over the back of her couch in a heap in the middle of her sofa. Wondering if she just forgot to fold them, she folded the blankets and put them back in their normal spot. When she returned the next day, she discovered the blankets in the same messy arrangement, as well as pictures knocked off the walls and various items spilled on her kitchen counters. As she was sharing her story at work, someone suggested, “It sounds like you may have a rodent in your house!”  

In hopes of catching the unwanted intruder and cracking this mystery case, she purchased two cameras from Amazon and set up her surveillance "stake out"! Sure enough, as she tuned in from work, she spotted a cute little squirrel making himself at home on her sofa! Once he was caught in a live trap, it was amazing to realize that something so cute and small could cause so much damage!

Sometimes, isn’t that so true for our lives as well as sin tries to disguise itself as something small and innocent?  Isn’t it shocking how one small poor decision can lead to massive consequences? One small white lie can turn blow up your trust in someone? One small snarky comment can damage a relationship? One small action done in anger can have long-term negative affect? Sin is sin; there is no such thing as “little sins”. In addition, there’s an unfortunate domino effect that results from all sin.

Even though the evil one would love for us to try to kid ourselves and excuse these “little” sins away, the reality is that all sins are equally destructive to our relationships with God, others, and even ourselves.

However, as we continue to celebrate the joy of Easter, Praise God for His gift of forgiveness. Due to Jesus’ death on the cross, when we confess these sins, our loving Heavenly Father will forgive our sins.

Have a wonderful week knowing that no matter how big or small, God will forgive them all!

In Jesus' Love,

Mrs. Palka

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