"And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13 

It started out as a very sweet and endearing gesture! One of Ken’s beloved clients heard about his broken leg, and as a result, he and his wife made Ken an extremely thoughtful care package and brought it to him when they attended their tax appointment. When Ken brought it home, we all marveled at how pretty it was, and because of its beautiful presentation, he really didn’t unpack it, but left it on the counter of his home office for everyone to admire. 

Unfortunately, my daughter’s dog could have cared less about the ornate décor of the package. Instead, the suspense of not knowing the contents got the best of him, and during a brief thirty minute period of being left alone, he jumped up on the counter and finished opening the package.  

I was the one to discover the crime scene when I returned home from school that night. At first, I had a hard time discerning the wrappers that were strewn all over the floor. However, upon close examination, I could decipher the words “Dark Chocolate” and instantly knew we were in trouble. Immediately, I called the new Emergency Pet Hospital; since I was not able to tell them exactly how many chocolates Shiloh had consumed, they highly recommended that I bring him in to be seen since dark chocolate is highly toxic for dogs. 

My daughter was already in route home but made an abrupt detour to join me in the waiting room, where we sat for the next six hours. During this period of time, we learned that if people are showing up to a Emergency Pet Hospital after 8:00 p.m., it usually is for a tragic and/or heartbreaking reason. There were animals experiencing seizures, a dog with an obstruction that required immediate emergency surgery, another dog that was so extremely sick and dehydrated that he required an IV, and the patient list just kept growing. 

However, what would cause people to drive all hours of the night to seek answers and locate help for their pets? The answer is simple… it’s love. 

And what would cause a group of friends to leave their pampered life style in the New York Central Park Zoo to search for their missing friend in a major city? Again, the answer is simple and the same… it’s love. 

This Friday and Saturday night, we are going to see another endearing story of love and friendship between Marty the Zebra, Alex the Lion, Gloria the Hippo, and Melvin the hypochondriac Giraffe as St. Matthew Lutheran School proudly presents “Madagascar Jr.” 

After months of rehearsing, it's time to "Move It, Move It" and join the cast on this exciting journey as we learn how four pampered friends from the New York Central Park Zoo find themselves shipwrecked on the exotic island of Madagascar. 

During your travels, please plan to stop by the "Crack-a-lackin Cafe" to enjoy tasty delicacies such as Alex the Lion cupcakes, Penguin cookies, Gloria's cake pops, Melvin's bent neck pretzels, Marty's special "Crack-a-lackin" popcorn, and various other treats. 

In addition, we will sell "King Julian's Golden Treasure Bars"! Each night, 20 pieces of various forms of treasure will be hidden inside the chocolate bar wrappers, so come and see if you can locate an exciting prize... including a pool party for your class at Mrs. Palka's house! 

To add to the excitement, our substitute Art teacher, Mrs. Jackie Strain, will display masterpieces created by each student. Furthermore, our spring Book Fair will open both Friday and Saturday evenings! 

So... it's time to get "Crack-a-lackin" and buy your tickets now! Remaining tickets will be available in the school office throughout the week, as well as at the door before each performance. 

We hope to see you there, and as they say in the show, “Just smile and wave boys; Just smile and wave!” 

In His Love, 

Mrs. Palka

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