Fourth Grade

Fourth graders study the Old and New Testaments to understand God's plan of salvation for all through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Committing God's Word to memory, as well as the Commandments and the Apostle's Creed, builds the necessary foundation for knowing and accessing His Word in daily life.  In the language arts, units of study develop skills in vocabulary, comprehension, and writing to develop strategies to become proficient writers on a daily basis.  Students learn about narrative, informational, and persuasive techniques as they plan, revise, edit, and share their writing with an audience.  Grammar usage, mechanics, spelling, and language are practiced throughout the year.

Math students employ place value, addition and subtraction up to one million, and multiply and divide by one and two digit numbers.  In addition, factors, multiples, and patterns are studied, as are fractions and decimals, angles, measurements, perimeter, and area.  Scientific studies include energy transfer, states of matter, the sun and moon, and organisms in their environment.  Social studies encompasses the investigation of geography, civics, government, and economics of the United States in an age-appropriate manner.


Fourth Grade Teacher

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