The beginning of Kindergarten is a very exciting time in a child's life.  Going to school for a full day has many adventurous transitions, and we create a warm environment that will love and guide each of our students through all of these new adjustments.  Spiritually, students grow in their faith through the study of God's Word.  Old and New Testament stories help them learn more about God's faithfulness and everlasting love.  Early literacy skills begin to blossom as sounds and letters emerge into actual words and written text.  In Kindergarten, students will understand fiction and non-fiction texts, character study, use of prior knowledge, understand setting, retell story events, and make predictions.

Using Writers Workshop approach, students learn the beginning formation of letters and progress into the creation of written text.  In math, Kindergarteners learn the importance of patterns, counting, place values, and shapes.  They also learn how to collect and analyze data, compare quantities, begin to estimate numbers, and progress into simple addition and subtraction operations.  Our inquiry-based Battle Creek Science Curriculum focuses on the senses, motion, the earth, and living organisms.  In our social studies instruction, Kindergarteners begin to develop a sense of time, geographic awareness, and a deeper understanding of the world from their own experiences.


Kindergarten Teacher

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