Listen and Follow the Most Important Voice

"My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of My hand." John 10:27 & 28

Do you have any television shows that just seem to captivate your attention to the point that you eagerly await for the next episode? I have just a few shows that elevate my interest to this level. And although I am very excited about the return of "American Ninja Warrior" in a few weeks, for the past few months, my attention has been focused on "The Voice".
In fact, I have been a faithful fan since this show began, so when I discovered that I had a meeting on the evening of Season 14's finale, my heart sank just a little. However, the words "meeting adjourned" sent me out of this building like a bullet, and I was thrilled to make it home in time to watch Brynn Cartelli, a 15 year old girl from Massachusetts, be announced as this season's winner.
"The Voice" is a reality television show that is basically a singing competition. If you have never seen the show, it is built on the premise that four very talented "judges" sit with their backs to those who are auditioning. The only factor that helps a judge determine if he/she is going to select a contestant is listening to the vocal quality of the song that each contestant sings. Contestant have only minutes to perform and demonstrate their vocal abilities. Hidden from any visual influences or distractions, coaches are required to focus on only the vocal qualities and determine if they have the potential to be the winner by the end of the season. Imagine the surprise of coach, Kelly Clarkston, when she turned around and discovered that she had selected a fifteen year old girl! Yet, she heard the potential and knew that voice was special.
In a similar fashion, at St. Matthew Lutheran School, we are passionate to train our students to hear the pure voice of Christ. Throughout their lives, children are going to be bombarded with many voices in this world, and some of them that may be harmful and not built on God's truth. However, through your spiritual nurturing at home and our daily instruction and encouragement in God's Word at school, we are able to partner together in cultivating your child's faith journey. Through this team effort, we are able to help our students build necessary skills to discern what is of God and how to listen and follow His voice throughout their lives.
As we quickly approach the conclusion of this school year, it has been a blessing and a joy watching our students grow academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. However, the greatest joy has been watching their spiritual growth and development! Of everything that we can offer your child at St. Matthew, your child's faith development is one component that has eternal benefits, and we are so grateful for you entrusting your children into our care.
Have a wonderful week as you seek to listen and follow His voice.
In Jesus' love,
Mrs. Palka

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