God's Got This!

Update Regarding 6th Grade Teacher Vacancy

"He will not let your foot slip - He who watches over you will not slumber."    Psalm 121:3

Years ago, we had a school family that had three of the most adorable and energetic boys that you ever met. Both mom and dad were wonderful Christian parents who did an outstanding job channeling the abundant levels of ingenuity and creativity that these boys exuded into very positive learning experiences. However, it seemed that whatever activity they would present to their boys, the lively gentlemen had a knack to always raise the risk factor. If the parents took them skiing, they were going down the most challenging courses backwards. When they purchased skateboards, the boys were always looking for the steepest hill to ride them down. And when trampolines were just starting to become popular, this set of parents were some of the initial pioneers who purchased one for their backyard in hopes that it would allow the boys to release some of their energy.

 The boys really enjoyed using the trampoline and things were going wonderfully, until one day when the mom received a phone call at work from one of the neighbors. After a pleasant greeting and an apology for bothering the mom at work, the neighbor continued the conversation with the comment, "I thought that you might like to know that as we speak, I am watching your boys climb out of their bedroom window and pull themselves up onto the roof of the house so that they can jump down onto your trampoline!"

Immediately, the mom called her boys at home and stated, "I don't know why, but I just have a feeling that you are doing something dangerous right now like jumping off the roof. So if you are, you better stop it right now or you will be grounded when I get home!" Immediately, the neighbor reported that the boys halted their stunt show.
After a few weeks had passed, they thought all was forgotten. So, out came the window screens and the boys resumed their acrobatic act that would make circus managers drool with envy. However, that same neighbor just happened to be home and caught their show as well and reported the repeat offense to their mother.

Once again, a phone call was made with screeching intensity that only a mother's angry voice can produce... "Stop jumping off the roof now!" Totally in awe of her wisdom, the boys immediately cancelled their next performance as they tried to figure out how their mom could be so smart and know so much?
As God's children, we truly have an "all knowing" heavenly Father who constantly watches over us as well. He doesn't need an angel to tap Him on the shoulder or a heavenly Google calendar to remind Him of schedules and activities. He knows and will take care of all things... including our 6th grade teacher vacancy!
The Call Committee would like you to know that due to the lateness of the school year, the Committee has decided to also pursue the avenue of offering a one-year contract to fill this vacancy and pursue an eligible Divine Call candidate next year
if necessary. As a result, the Committee will also be seeking qualified candidates for this one-year vacancy who are not Synodically trained. If this is the route that the Lord takes us, we will make necessary accommodations for 6th grade religion classes. If you know of a certified teacher who may be interested, please contact Mrs. Palka. We have seen the Lord work powerfully during the month of July in the past by bringing us Mrs. Meier and Mrs. Brown. We are totally confident that the Lord has a perfect plan for us in this situation as well!
As we reflect upon this past school year, we rejoice for all of the numerous times where God's watchful eye was protecting and guiding our students and school. And we also rejoice for how He will answer the need for a 6th grade teacher as well.
What peace it gives to know and trust that He is always watching and in control of all things!
In His love,
Mrs. Palka

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