Dream Small and Watch God Work in BIG Ways

Welcome Back!

"Back in my day", we used to walk to school, call our parents from pay phones, use encyclopedias to look up information, and make popcorn on the stove. Frequently, my sisters and I would make a game out of waiting to see how long it would take for the first kernel to explode before we would put the lid on the pan. Sometimes, if your reflexes were a little sluggish that day, you would end up with a lot of popcorn all over the kitchen! It was amazing how something so small as popcorn kernels could turn into such a huge bowl of delicious enjoyment!

This year, our school motto is "Dream Small and Watch God Work in BIG WAYS", based off the current hit by Josh Wilson entitled, "Dream Small". In this song, Josh Wilson cautions Christians not to underestimate the power of small acts of kindness and to look for little ways to show His love to others. In addition, the message of this song states that there is nothing wrong with dreaming and doing bigger things, but we need to remember that so many people can be blessed by the smallest tokens of love. This year, we want to encourage our students to "Dream Small" and find ways where they can be a blessing to others, and then watch God work in big ways as He blesses these efforts.

We look forward to "dreaming" with all of you this year!

In Jesus' love,
Mrs. Palka and the Staff of St. Matthew Lutheran School

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