Having a Clear Vision

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me" Matthew 25:40

If your eyes require corrective lenses, chances are you know the frustration of occasionally misplacing your glasses. Frequently, I joke with friends my age and in the "reading glasses" stage of life, that I probably own five pairs of readers and still have trouble locating at least one pair when I need them.

However, last Monday, our 8th grade class experienced a perplexing Sherlock Holmes style mystery regarding "The Case of the Missing Glasses".
In the gym, there is a specific counter where all valuable items are placed, such as Mrs. Kendall's, our PE teacher, binders, bags, important pieces of equipment, etc. This same counter also serves as the designated area for student jewelry and eyeglasses. Following the typical routine that he has done for many years, one 8th grade boy came into the gym that day to volunteer being a character in a Peace Coaching skit and set his glasses on this designated spot at the beginning of this particular assembly. However, when he went to retrieve them at the end of the program, he was stunned to discover that the glasses were no longer there waiting for him on the counter. He started to ask around but no one else had seen them. Trying not to panic, he brought the matter to Mrs. Kendall's attention. She instituted a full manhunt for the missing spectacles, yet, to no avail; the search was unsuccessful. Needing to leave for her Harrison High School Volleyball game where she serves as the coach, she reassured the 8th grader that his glasses would eventually reappear.
Upon her arrival at the volleyball game, she instructed her team to proceed with their normal warm-up routines while she prepared the team's roster in the scorebook. However, when she took the glasses off her head and placed them on her face so that she could read the text... immediately she knew something was VERY wrong! The print was blurry and difficult to read... and within a very short period of time, she realized that these were not her glasses and, instead, she had just found the missing 8th grader's glasses! Being extremely similar in design, Mrs. Kendall had mistaken them as her own, and put them on top of her head for safekeeping!
Sometimes, it's not very easy to see things through someone else's eyes! But ultimately, as Christians, we want to see situations through the eyes of Christ!
Tomorrow, we are hosting our 25th Progressive Dinner. Throughout these twenty-five years, this activity has always been one of my absolute favorite school events due to the fellowship and excitement that it generates as students enjoy preparing a portion of the meal and decorating the classroom. However, it is also the missional focus and ability to see situations through Christ's eyes as ways to help others that brings the ultimate joy to this event.
This year, it is our hope to help the Carlton family. Mr. John Carlton is a former teacher of St. Matthew, and he currently is battling leukemia. All proceeds from this event will be given to the Carlton family to assist them with their travel back and forth to the University of Michigan hospital each week.
We look forward to "seeing" all of you tomorrow night as we "dream small and take a BIG journey" with all of you!
In His love,                                                  
Mrs. Palka


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