Looking at Things in Different Ways!

"With God, all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

Everyone deserves ice cream after getting a shot at the doctor's office!

In this world, there are those who love dogs... and there are those who do not!

If you are not sure which camp you fall into, you will know that you're a dog lover when:

  1. You turn the television on when you leave the house so that your dog won't be lonely and can watch Animal Planet
  2. Your dog is the star of the show in all of your family photos, your camera roll, and/or screen saver
  3. You find nothing wrong sharing a majority of your bed with your dog
  4. You dress up your dog in various costumes and holiday attire
  5. You don't flinch when your dog gives you a big wet kiss on the face
  6. Your dog has his own Christmas stocking with his/her name embroidered on it

In our house, we can check every box on this brief quiz!  Rocky has been the pampered pooch in our house for almost fifteen years and is often referred to by my children as "mom's favorite child". So the other night, when he jumped off the couch and immediately could not walk, my heart sank.

Driving to the veterinarian's office, I was praying for the best, but fearing the worst, especially since he is so old.  Due to the pandemic, you have to drop off your pet and then wait in the parking lot for the doctor to call you with the diagnosis. Much to my relief, Rocky did not injure his back or spine, but sadly, he tore the ACL in his back leg. His Olympic dreams are over because he will never regain full mobility, but in time, his leg will be functional again!

So now... we just need to do things differently. Since we need to prevent him from accidentally jumping, his bed is now a blanket on the floor. To make life easier for him, we've moved his food and water into the living room. And since he isn't able to walk for next few days, I carry him everywhere. All are very doable... just different.

In similar fashion, although things are extremely challenging these days, many things that we need to do now are doable... just very different! Grocery shopping is so different, online school is very different, ZOOM meetings are oddly different, and even birthday celebrations are uniquely different during the pandemic! Creativity and ingenuity have opened avenues that allow us to do activities differently!

This weekend, we have an amazing birthday celebration that is going to be wonderfully creative and different, and your family is invited to join in the fun!

Mr. Jim Curry is a member of St. Matthew Lutheran Church, and he is turning 100 years old this weekend! 

Since the necessary "Stay Home, Stay Safe" mandate prevents a big party from occurring, a special "birthday parade" is being organized for Sunday, May 3rd. The parade procession will be organized in the parking lot of "Matter of Taste" restaurant starting at 1:30 p.m. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Sarah Heiden, the Oakland County Sherriff department and the Commerce Fire Department will also assist in these festive endeavors. Once the cars are organized, the parade will begin at 2:00, and everyone will drive by Mr. Curry's home to honk horns and wave. Feel free to decorate your cars and roll down your windows to wish Mr. Curry "Happy Birthday". He has no idea this is planned, but his daughter is going to make sure that he safely can view and enjoy the attention.

More details are listed below, so please consider joining in the fun of celebrating and acknowledging this extremely special birthday!

As we adjust to all of these pandemic differences, we rejoice in knowing there is one thing that will NEVER be different, and that is our God!  His love and presence in our lives is consistent and will never change! Scripture promises us in Hebrews 13:8 that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." 

May you have peace this week as you cling to that promise!

In His Love,

Mrs. Palka

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