These Superheroes Wear Masks Instead of Capes!

"Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure."  Psalm 147:5

When my boys were little, our toy room was filled with numerous Batman and Superman capes. As soon as the capes were Velcroed to their pajamas or tied around their necks, they would transform into a brave Superhero and immediately stick out their chest to assume their heroic Superhero pose. Thinking they were invincible, they would run around the house, jump off the ottoman, and add an occasional karate kick, while vowing to save the world!

Over the past two months, I have experienced the privilege of helping my daughter deliver meals to some of our modern day "Superheroes" working at various local hospitals. Although their bravery is unquestionable, I have found these masked and gowned champions to be humble, loving servants who are so appreciative for everyone's support and encouragement.

For the past two months, 260 congregational members and St. Matthew students have been participating in the "Rise Up & Pray" campaign. What a joy and honor it has been to pray for and support local hospitals by lifting up their various prayer requests to God.

This week, meals were sent to various departments at all 14 hospitals, thanks to the generosity of Thrivent Financial and our congregational and school families! In fact, we are even able to send an additional 250 meals next week as well! When this endeavor is completed, over 850 workers will have received a meal as an expression of appreciation and Godly encouragement.

Shown below are a few photos that were captured during the delivery processes!

Although this is a very difficult period of history, God still sits on His Throne, and good things continue to happen despite the challenges.

This year, our motto is "Let the Whole World See the Greatness of Our God." We thank you for your support in showing His love to the medical professionals of the Detroit Metropolitan community.

In Jesus,
Mrs. Palka

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