It's Time To Make The Donuts!

Donuts With Pastors This Saturday! When I was a kid, one of my favorite childhood memories was visiting the Franklin Cider Mill. Not only could you watch the apple press produce the delicious cider, but their hot donuts were also absolutely amazing! Usually, the grease soaking through the bag was an accurate indicator regarding the flavor, as well as the warmth and freshness of the donuts. However, if by chance you could not finish the entire dozen in one day (which rarely happened!) and one of those donuts would sit out for a day or two... that same delicious donut would go stale and taste nothing like its original form.

Similarly, the same can be said about our relationship with God and keeping that relationship fresh. We can keep our relationship with God fresh through reading our Bibles, spending time with God during devotional and prayer time, attending worship services, singing songs of praise, etc.  However, our relationship can quickly go stale when we ignore or slight these Spiritual disciplines in our daily routines.

This Advent, let's strive to "freshen up" our relationships with God by intentionally designing our daily schedules to spend more time with Him and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. To assist in this goal, last week we sent home age-appropriate devotional materials that we pray will be a blessing during your family's "God Time". In addition, this Saturday, we are also hosting "Donuts With Pastors". This event is usually geared towards third grade and under, but this year, we are expanding this invitation for all ages.
This event will have a similar design to our "Drive In Communion Services". Cars will be directed where to park in our back parking lot. Everyone will remain safely in their cars. Families will be given instructions how to "call in" to hear our Pastors speak. Families will hear them through their phone lines/car audio system. Goodie bags and donuts will be distributed by staff and Student Council members. The best part is that we can be safely together and focus on the greatest gift of all - Jesus!
Helping us with this sweet endeavor is the "Detroit Mini Donut Food Truck". This food truck visited St. Matthew in October, and our students (and staff) were amazed at how delicious these fresh hot donuts tasted! Our students will testify that it is worth getting up early on a Saturday morning to sample these delicious delicacies! To make it even more fun, kids can even come in their pajamas!
For planning purposes, please sign up HERE just so we know how many to plan for!
We hope to see you there!
In Jesus,
Mrs. Palka

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