The Gift of a $500 Box of Chocolate!

"But the greatest of these is love" 1 Corinthians 13:13
A few years ago a group of our friends were discussing some of their most endearing acts of love that they had done for their spouses. There were stories of an engagement ring frozen in the ice cube of the aspiring bride's drink, cards hidden in brief cases, flowers delivered to work, and surprise house cleanings.

After numerous stories were shared, one friend announced, "Once, I bought my wife a $500 box of chocolates!" As the group sat in disbelief, he continued on with his story...

One his way home from work, he remembered it was Valentine's Day, so he stopped at the local store to purchase his wife's favorite $10.00 chocolates. Wanting to surprise his wife, he placed them on the kitchen counter with a lovely card so that she would immediately see them when she returned home from work.

However, when she arrived home, all that was left of her thoughtful gift was an empty box tossed on the floor and a very guilty looking dog lying on the rug. She immediately made the connection and called their vet since chocolate consumption can be fatal for a dog. Sure enough, $500 later, the dog's stomach was pumped at the veterinarian's office, and the dog quickly returned to perfect health.

Now, if you are not a pet lover, I'm sure that you are having a difficult time following the logic of this act of love. However, if you own a pet that is treated like a member of the family, I'd be willing to guess that this story makes perfect sense to you because you would do the same to save your dog.

What a gift it is to know that our Heavenly Father does not debate our worth! Despite all of our sinful behaviors and shortcomings, by God's grace, we are all valuable in His sight. In fact, we are so precious to Him that He displayed the most endearing act of sacrificial love upon the cross.

Remember, Jesus is the originator of the Valentine that states, "You Belong to ME!"

In His Love,
Mrs. Palka

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